Information for Interlinguists (IfI)

Information for Interlinguists is published four times a year by the Centre for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED) with the financial support of Esperantic Studies Foundation (ESF). It contains up-to-date news and information for everyone interested in research and events in the field. If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us.

We welcome short articles and snippets of interest. Please send anything of interest to:

Deadlines for receipt of articles etc.:

  • 31 December (published end of January)
  • 31 March  (published end of April)
  • 30 June (published end of July)
  • 30 September (published end of October)

Download current and historical issues

Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies

Esperantologio / Esperanto Studies was first published during the World Esperanto Congress in Berlin, edited by Christer Kiselman, Uppsala University. The series comprised eight issues (1999-2018), and published articles based on original studies of the linguistic, historical, literary, psychological, sociological, and political aspects of Esperanto, as well as reviews.

Now under the editorship of Guilherme Fians and Humphrey Tonkin, the series will continue,  published by CED. The editors welcome articles in Esperanto, aimed primarily at users of Esperanto, especially articles destined after more work to appear in other-language peer-reviewed academic journals. More information to follow.

New series

Historical issues (1999-2018)

Language Problems and Language Planning (LPLP)

Language Problems and Language Planning (first issue 1977) is a peer-reviewed international and multilingual journal devoted to the study of multilingualism and language policy. Contributions are welcome from any of the language disciplines, as well as from other fields in the social sciences (including political science, sociology, economics, education sciences, psychology, philosophy, history, law, etc.).

Three issues per year, published by John Benjamins.

More information and guidelines for submission.

Editor-in-Chief: François Grin Université de Genève
Editor: Michele Gazzola Ulster University
Book Review Editor: Lisa J. McEntee-Atalianis Birkbeck, University of London
Interlinguistics Editor: Federico Gobbo Universiteit van Amsterdam
Editor Emeritus: Humphrey Tonkin University of Hartford

Studies in World Language Problems (WLP)

Studies in World Language Problems (WLP) is an occasional series focusing on political, sociological, and economic aspects of language and language use. It is especially concerned with relationships between and among language communities, particularly in international contexts.

It publishes monographs and edited volumes on language policy, language management, and language use in international and multinational organisations and enterprises, and also theoretical studies on communication, language interaction, and language conflict.

Latest issue, edited by Goro Christoph Kimura and Lisa Fairbrother, Sophia University, Tokyo. Published by John Benjamins.

Two more volumes in preparation. 

More information, and titles and contents of previous volumes

Język. Komunikacja. Informacja (Language. Communication. Information)

Published by the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland

Issues downloadable here. Edited since 2010 by Ilona Koutny (Interlinguistics Studies, UAM)

Published annually, Język. Komunikacja. Informacja devotes itself to linguistics in the broadest sense, communication and information sciences, and the relationships between these research areas. Particular emphasis is given to:

  • comparative linguistics
  • language policy
  • sociolinguistics
  • pragmalinguistics
  • ethnolinguistics
  • hungarology
  • interlinguistics
  • communication and information sciences

The journal invites papers, previously unpublished, in Polish, English, French, German or Esperanto, and offers immediate open access.

More information and submission guidelines

Medicina Internacia Revuo (MIR) - Inernational Medicine Review

The journal of the Universal Medical Esperanto-Association (UMEA). MIR publishes scientific articles on medicine and neighbouring disciplines in any language, including Esperanto, with abstracts required in English and Esperanto. 

MIR is ‘OpenAccess’ and published jointly with the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland.

More information and submission guidelines

Archive issues.


Published by the Federal Institute of Parana, for researchers interested in Philosophy, Science and Technologies

More information and submission

The journal sends out calls for papers and accepts articles written in several languages, including Esperanto.

They welcome additions to the advisory board; if you are interested, please contact: magisterpita (at)


Published in the Faculty of Letters, School of Philology, Linguistics and Literature, University of Costa Rica.

More information and submission

Káñina is a quarterly scientific publication aimed at teachers, academics and students interested in the fields of History of art, Philology, Linguistics, Literature, and Art in general. Information pages are in English and Spanish.

Káñina accepts articles written mainly in Spanish, English, and French, but is open to articles written in other languages, dependent on the availability of peer reviewers for the language of submission.


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