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Notes on recent events:
The 1st international virtual seminar presenting Esperanto to the public, University of Mazamdarano (Esperanto, English, Persian)
The 2nd virtual seminar, University of Shiraz (Esperanto, Persian)
Lecture by Prof Francesco Maurelli, Shiraz University  (Esperanto, Persian) 05/12/2020
Lecture by Ahmad Mamdhooi “Esperanto: the language of the times”, Department of Linguistics, Esfahani University (Persian) 08/12/2020

Virtual seminar in Esperanto with translations into Persian

The Iranian University of Mazandaran held a virtual seminar in Esperanto with translation into Persian on the 22 October 2020.  Three presenters spoke in Esperanto on diverse topics: Professors Humphrey Tonkin, Renato Corsetti and Franceco Maurelli. The very successful seminar was arranged by Dr Ahmad Mamduhi and Dr Zahra Karimi.

Report: international Interlinguistics Symposium

Read the report on the 5th international Interlinguistics Symposium (Institute of Ethnolinguistics, Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland), September 17-18th, 2020. Report in Polish.  Report in Esperanto.

Description of the Conference, programme, and book of abstracts.

Symposium organizers: Ilona Koutny, Ida Stria, Michael Farris 

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