Centre For Research and Documentation on World Language Problems (CED)

CED was founded in 1952, as a specialized branch of the Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) under the direction of Ivo Lapenna, to promote the scholarly study of Esperanto “and its diverse applications in all spheres of life”; to ensure the compilation and editing of reliable documentation on Esperanto; and to support efforts to present the facts about Esperanto to international organisations, scholarly and specialist associations, and the public.

It has since widened its scope to embrace the investigation of all aspects of language policy and planning at the international level and the study of linguistic obstacles to international communication.

CED, like the Esperantic Studes Foundation (ESF) – with whom it works very closely – is run by a Board. 

ESF is pleased to support CED financially in many of its projects, and a lot of the work of ESF Academic is undertaken by ESF on CED’s behalf. 

Nitobe Symposium: 26-27 July 2021

Find out more about the next Nitobe Symposium, ‘Language, Conflict, and Security, Ulster University. Belfast.

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